Carta pra alguem que esta partindo (Letter for someone who’s leaving)

Hey you!
It’s time for you to leave New Zealand! It’s a sad time for me. But I know that’s an cycle in your life that ends – and I hope another one, a better one, will start now for you.

Don’t ever forget about the ones you’re going to left behind ‘cause we certainly will not forget about you. Or about you’re beautiful and huge country! LOL

I just wish you to know that was a pleasure know you and be part of your kiwi experience. You’re a beautiful person – not just outside – but a pure and sincere hearted person.

Since our first trip together I took you as a good model to follow: and I couldn’t be more right about that. You thought me to not be afraid to ask things, to emerge in the cultural things, to enjoy nature, to enjoy a good hike (!!) and to clean up my mess in your apartment, because you don’t have a cleaner! LOL

Maybe you didn’t know about that but I swear it’s the truth. You know what more is true? “Everybody’s a winner, babe – that’s the truth!” hahaha.

Hope you have tons of fun back there and maybe we can meet again sometime… Who knows? The world is tiny! Take care, will you?

See ya, mate!

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