The girl and the acrobat


Art by Tanja Udelhofen.

and there he still is:
she let him hanging,
forever unanswered
in a thin line
near the clouds
far from the lies.

he’s an acrobat –
used to that, can hang forever.
above all the troubles,
he will be a bit more safer.

she dissimulates the feelings
so he, that’s far, can never see it.

she needs to hold her land beneath her feet.
she cannot try, dream or fly:
is always trapped in her invisible cage
from where there is no scape.

from the blue sky
he sends her sunshine.
and sings her name and pray for a change.

they go like that
for countless time…
he’s tired of waiting – decides depart.

Other lines,
wires, skies…

And the girl is still there, alone:
although now she learnt how to dream,
she still cannot fly.

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