Izabela Wojcik art

i am the prostitutes in every corner,
the beggars in every traffic light,
the women beaten by the husband,
the husbands that drinks in every bar.

i am the children left alone,
the mistreated animals,
the polluted waters,
the forests that burns to the ground.

i am in your flesh,
i feel your pain.

oh, my Franciscan heart!
loves the misery,
the poverty,
the despair…

only when i touch you
and let you touch me
i can for sure be complete.

    • Nanda said:

      thank you, Sarah. People have the strange actions of putting this people away… but they’re better than us in a lot of senses… xxx

    • Nanda said:

      thank you very much!

  1. “Sou a sua carne
    Sinto a sua dor.”

    Seu poema é lindíssimo querida, gostei muito. É bom perceber essa guinada do “subjetivo intimista” para “os olhos que se põem a ver”.



    • Nanda said:

      Que otimo! Amei os seus comentarios… Sinto uma certa evolucao mesmo! Portas de percepcao que se abrem!

    • Nanda said:

      thank you very much! i like this one a lot…

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