and suddenly
i’m upside down
and my heart…
well, it lies dead on the ground.

i wander for the city,
bright lights to guide me.
i don’t know where to go,
i don’t have someone to plead.

i don’t feel what i should,
i’m a mess about to burst.
and although i’m walking around
inside i wish i could die.

2 thoughts on “Robot

  1. Great writing.
    In my humble opinion, the subject in this is feeling like a robot, but actually one of the deepest thinkers of the human race. Very intelligent and analyzing the world but can’t make solid conclusions about what is seen in a place where nothing adds up (humanity)
    They say ignorance is bliss, therefore the intelligent people of the world are always seeking and some never find.

    Just wanted to spill my thoughts while enjoying Thai curry here in my lunch hour 🙂

    • I really like what you said about ignorance. I have the same feeling indeed.
      It is like the movie Matrix – when you take the pill you cannot go back. I find myself thinking if it was a good decision… Sometimes I think it’s better to remain in the ignorance. But then, it’s too late now!

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