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Today, out of nothing
I heard the song that you love playing.
And that tune kept me going…
Suddenly, I was back to our living room,
you sitting by the computer,
singing it out of key.

Distance is killing me, slowly…
Every day you’re older,
every day a new white hair
and i’m not around to see it happening.

Today I felt my heart heavier
and it was because of your absence by my side.
We never been so long apart.

Opposite to the song
you’re not a passing cloud.
You’re my solid ground.

4 thoughts on “Dad

  1. the song transpired a reminder of a solid past still in existence, still there-“solid ground,” though the song spoke about another thing. Melodies are incubators for memories…and for them to be re-echoed back into existence when the melodies play again. They not only function as the medium of the message they carry…but another added massage that reality places in them.

    It’s a beautiful poem about a memory being reawakened by a melody that carried with them your history.

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