i cannot speak my mind.
i have to shut feelings down
cause people don’t want to hear
things they don’t agree with.

i cannot think for myself,
i need to fit on the shelf
and pretend to be one more gadget
something expensive but disposable.

they seem to forget
that the important things in life
don’t fit in shelves
and are always for free – like health.

– – –
About Steve Jobs death.

  1. Awesome tribute and I was relating it to myself too, not that I can be compared to Steve 😀

    • Nanda said:

      i don’t think it’s a tribute, far from that. it’s an acid critic about the “i” generation that he helped to built.

      • well, change my comment to one of sarcasm then, 😀
        I don’t know how I understood it as I did. Now I understand it perfectly and give compliments. Good writing.

  2. Mira Jay said:

    i loved the comparison to gadgets…
    nice piece

  3. Nanda said:

    thank you, Mira.
    I couldn’t find another analogy to this event, haha.

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