Older than my body


Pablo Picasso art

i’m old.
since a child
i’m old.

i don’t know

i don’t know
if want to be
other than that.

and apart from being old,
i’m nothing else.

* * *

leave me alone,
with my memories
and thoughts…

i had a great life.
no more,
no more…

  1. Ermilia said:

    Not a Picasso fan, but I liked the poem.

    • Nanda said:

      i love Picasso! he changed my way of seeing art when i was still young…
      thanks anyway!

      • Ermilia said:

        That’s one thing I love about art, it’s so subjective. I’m more a Renaissance, Gothic art girl myself.


      • Nanda said:

        i like it too although i’m not an art expert… 🙂

  2. g0raysg0 said:

    Take the counsel of your old
    and live to full your youth,
    so when age has you in its hold,
    your child can whisper truth.

    Even old souls get to play, Nanda. 😉

    • Nanda said:

      that’s amazing, Joel!
      thank you very much!

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