Echoes – II


Pablo Picasso – Weeping woman

And here I stand.
Ages have passed,
still all I listen is your lies.

The echoes in my head:
things that didn’t happen,
and questions without answers
will finally drive me mad.

So I cry, I scream,
I beg and I dream:
us, us, us, us.

  1. I like the way this finishes with an echo.

    The parallels between your picture and Weeping Woman are intriguing. The way the checkered scarf and the glass suggest the black and white portion of the painting, your hands held up, your hair tied back… your bowed head and hidden eyes could suggest sadness.

    • Nanda said:

      you’re so sensitive! It actually does look alike. Although I was very happy with friends when they took my picture… But nobody can tell, can they? 😉 I love Picasso art… And the cubism movement it’s one of the most amazing things that i ever saw. xxx

      • You should have mail. 🙂

      • Nanda said:


    • Some people might have freaked out on me about my comparison. I was scared to post it and I might have typed it a few (hundred) different ways. You just looked, and saw it, and said I was sensitive. I can’t even put into words what that means to me.

      • Nanda said:

        i love that you did!
        and you are very sensitive! i love that we were able to find each others blog! ♥

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