Transformation or The tree that turned into seed


Tahaki Reserve – New Zealand

i’m the tree at the edge
and the river asks to pass.
restless and fickle,
flowing and vibrant.

the wind is shaking me
the river take my leaves…
(how i envy it, curse it!)
and i am, trapped,
where i didn’t want to be.

time passes,
i get older,
i create shell,
i mature.

but i don’t move…
i do not move,
i faint.


when i wake
i’m not me.
i don’t have leaves,
nor branches,
i’m what they call dead seed
blown away by the wind.

it took me long time,
i visited distant lands,
i found flowers
and of thorns astray.

and among volcanoes and mountains
fertile ground i found.

amid memories and future i sprout.
i shall forget the sorrows, shall bear fruit.
i shall die in peace with the river i envied once.

– – –
As I said before, this is my first translation of some of my poems written first in Portuguese. This one goes specially to Annie – I hope you appreciate it as much as you did before. I tried to do my best, but it’s very weird translate yourself, I must say. The original was posted here.

  1. That’s very much how I pictured it when I tried to translate it myself. Thank you so much, Nanda!

    • Nanda said:

      you’re very welcome, hun!

  2. Kaitlin said:

    Cool. Translation is one of those arts that’s so important to do, and so difficult, because you have to have a creative understanding from both sides of the language barrier.

  3. Nanda said:

    that’s very true, Kaitlin. and although i have the understanding, cause the poem is mine, is very difficult still.
    thanks for coming by!

    • Nanda said:

      hey, thomas!
      actually, most of my poems are written in English. Just a few in Portuguese, but I’ll keep translating them.

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