Salvador Dalí – The Anthropomorphic Chest of Drawers

i know,
i don’t have the right.

or do i?

should i keep my mouth shut?
just ache silently and die?

or should i scream out loud
what you cannot recall?

i know,
i don’t have the right.

but i hope the feeling’s still there…
hidden on the drawer, somewhere.

– – –
To I-hope-he-knows-who.

  1. Eliza said:

    I actually do not really like Salvador Dali, but this painting is very … artistic?! (Because I couldn’t think of a better word to describe a piece of art!) Nice poem to fit the painting!

    • This painting is an amazing pun that took hours and hours to paint. Come on, E… a little Dali love…? ♥

    • Nanda said:

      i don’t like Salvador either… the person, I mean. But there’s something about this painting… It hypnotizes me every time. I don’t know, just love it! 🙂

  2. You gotta stop calling me “I-hope-he-knows-who”. It’s really giving me an identity crisis! I’m so sure this is only a matter of making sure you open the right drawer first!

    • Nanda said:

      hahahaha, you’re so funny!
      i hope i’ll open the right drawer very soon!

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