Leonardo da Vinci – Mona Lisa

who are we
deep inside?


should the outside matter?
(more than our inner selves?)

are we pretty to see
but rotten to live with?

– – –
Inspired by the latest Almodovar movie The skin I live in.

11 thoughts on “Androgyny

  1. If one so great was ever to paint me, I would cringe in my grave centuries later over the debates about my femininity. Can I not just be the perfect woman?

    You are so amazing, Nanda! I love your little poems, each and every one!

  2. I’ve quickly seen the first glance most physically beautiful women become hideous and the physically normal become very beautiful as I see what’s inside. And yes, I’m referring to beauty as seen by the eyes partially determined by what is seen in the soul.
    I love the poem!

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