Dim light path – Sometimes we see, sometimes we don’t.

the talent she never knew
hidden deep inside
came through a deep black road
to awake everyone read to listen.

and together they go
– embraced –
in this infinite trail
where hope never ends.


little sparkles shines,
coming through her skin,
trying to illuminate everything.

– – –
Today is a special day. No artwork – just my poetry. Today this blog completes one year. One hundred and seventy three posts later, three hundred and ninety four comments later and more than eleven thousand views. A lot of poets and thinkers I met – and I hope to meet even more. Amazing people who understands me, who cherish my work, who give me support even though we don’t know each other in person. And to think I started all of this to heal myself… I’m certainly not there yet but every time I write in here I’m getting far and far of losing myself completely. Thank you, everybody! And let’s walk this path always together!

8 thoughts on “Dim light path – Sometimes we see, sometimes we don’t.

  1. Aw congratulations 😀 It’s strange – but comforting – to see how your blog has “grown” over the past. Yes, let’s walk this path!!

  2. I Liked this on Facebook and then forgot to come here to comment. Sorry, I’ve just been so busy! First, I want to say that I love the paintings and seeing the connections too… but your words alone paint their own picture. Second, happy Annie! I just passed mine and it was like the biggest deal in my whole life to me, so congrats! Third, I wish I spoke Portuguese so I could ask you to write the Brazilian version. I know it would rock! I just wouldn’t get it as much.

    The sparkles totally shine through your skin, babe! I’m so glad I hopped your deep black trail!

    • omg, this was the most beautiful comment ever! 😀
      congrats to you as well – it’s a big deal indeed! thank you very much, annie! you’re very special for me and my blog! 😀

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