1. Patricia said:

    Nanda, I really like your poems, you’re so inspired always!

    This one has a few grammar mistakes that you could change (but maybe you wrote it like that on purpose?):

    do you remember us?
    how happy we used to be?

    between the dramas we created
    there was love between us.

    the distance that kept us apart
    was filled with understanding
    from both parts.

    And congrats on the blog, it’s really nice to see your success and your infinite inspiration!!

    • Nanda said:

      Hey, Patty!
      Thanks for coming by! 🙂
      I wrote like this on purpose. The first one to sound like a spoken thing and the second one ’cause the love wasn’t just between them. It was something more, they were surrounded by it, no chance to escape. Does it make sense?
      FYI it’s not an endless inspiration! haha. Some days I wrote 2, 3, 4 poems… And some I write none. But I like to post almost every day when it’s possible. Thanks again for coming! 🙂

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