After you

Time To Say Goodbye

Alfred Gockel – Time To Say Goodbye

what i miss the most?
i cannot recall…
so many times
has passed us by.

the only thing
engraved in my mind
is you waving
from the other side.

the harbour was getting so far…
we still have seven oceans
to keep us apart.


after that i don’t remember…
i didn’t live,
i floated in the air…
i just exist.

  1. I share her, her sorrow
    He flew to heaven, and i couldn’t follow
    Turned my life so hollow
    Deep went shallow
    Disappeared every taste of mellow
    And I share her, her sorrow
    Mira Jay

    Your poem created this stanza..

    • That happens to me sometimes. I don’t really write poetry, but sometimes when I read it, it keeps writing itself when I’m done.

      • Oh Anne poetry’s great; I write it ever since i could remember & with each I’m reborn

      • Nanda said:

        I love anything she writes! She’s good! And her poetry is amazing too! 🙂
        I say every poetry to me is like a child… 🙂 When I read the old ones I know exactly what I was thinking when I wrote it… It’s a weird relationship… hahaha.

    • Nanda said:

      wow! Mira this is very good! Seriously… just love it!
      “deep went shallow”… thank you!!! ❤

      • you’re welcome dear & yea, i always say,”don’t ask me about my marital status,I’ve been married to my thoughts long ago, and with each word I write, I renew the contract” 🙂

  2. I love the concept of 7 oceans to keep us apart. ♥ It’s like even if we were standing right next to each other, there is a whole world between us. Awesome!

    • Nanda said:

      yeah, you sure got what i was trying to say!!! ❤

  3. Eliza said:

    Aw this makes me want to cry 😦
    We’re in the same boat!

    • Nanda said:

      let’s cry together and write sad poems, lol

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