Treasure hunt – Part II


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she thought she would dive alone.
but Dave took her by the hand
and led her exactly to the right place.

there she dug and dug and dug
and when she thought she needed to breathe
Dave was there to make her live.

finally,  her treasure chest!
and what she found when she opened it…
she couldn’t believe in what she saw.

  1. Mira Jay said:

    Sweet Nanda, but allow me correct please;
    It’s either “she needed to breathe” or “she needed a breath”
    With love

    • Nanda said:

      Thanks, Mira!
      Sometimes I read it so many times it’s hard to find a typo! 😉

      • Mira Jay said:

        Usually i never correct a poet’s mistake, but you’re different, kisses

      • Nanda said:

        Please, feel free to! English is not my first language, so please do! 🙂
        Thanks again! X

  2. Mira Jay said:

    You’re beauty’s Latin
    & My ideal comes from there
    He signs P.Q. over words so fair
    Since 10 in his love I’m fallen…
    Now tell me if you come from his land
    I wanna send a kiss to his magical hand…

    • Nanda said:

      wow! that’s such a nice poem!!!
      of whom are you talking about? P.Q didn’t ring a bell here right now.. 😦

      • Mira Jay said:

        Paulo Quelho is the name
        A story of immortal fame
        Don’t tell me it rings no bell
        His words break an unbreakable spell
        Don’t tell me you know him not
        This early you ain’t be sot..;)

      • Nanda said:

        of course i know such guy!
        if i didn’t what
        kind of Brazilian
        that would make me?

        i’ll tell you a secret though:
        he has a terrible fame in our world.

        our fellow citizens
        seems not to like
        the spell he casts over seas.

    • Nanda said:

      riiiiiiight! i love that i always find to go with my poems…

  3. Mira Jay said:

    Oh i pity those who can’t taste his spirits
    After many years, i still find myself when i read “Eleven Minutes”
    By His “Piedra” I wish to weep & to his “Fifth Mountain” fly
    And If I’m asked a wish before i die
    It’ll be nothing but one day of delight
    Spending my last hours with a “Warrior of Light”…

  4. Nanda said:

    i still don’t have an opinion
    cause his books i haven’t read.
    just the alchemist one
    but i don’t remember a word.
    i’ll try to give him a chance
    as soon as i have time!

    • Mira Jay said:

      start with “Eleven Minutes”..I’m sure you’ll love it
      & 10x our chat dropped in my mind a poem..

  5. Nanda said:

    you’re a very talented poetess! 🙂
    i have lots to learn with you!

  6. Mira Jay said:

    oh & you’re the sweetest i never met…:(
    It’s not the1st time you inspire me & I’m sure it won’t be the last

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