The one about friendship


Pablo Picasso – Friendship

in your green eyes i dive
deep inside your huge heart.

in there i can rest my sorrows…
and get energy for my morrows.

the only word i have for you
is the feeling between us two:

– gratitude –

– – –
To Louise.

  1. This does a really good job of expressing your feelings through the painting, Nanda.

    • Nanda said:

      Picasso is always my favorite artist! 🙂

      • It’s showed in your Picasso poems. 🙂

      • Nanda said:


  2. louise said:

    omg I love it nanda, and I love u even more… can’t imagine a life without u, you’re part of me now ❤

    • Nanda said:

      I’m happy you like it, sweetie! I love yooou! 🙂 ❤

    • Nanda said:

      thanks! i think friends are one of the best inspirations, right? 🙂

      • Yes, definitely right! Have a wonderful Friday! 🙂

      • Nanda said:

        Here is Saturday already, Lauren! haha. But thanks anyway! 😉

      • Oops, okay, than Happy Saturday! These time zones are sneaky! 🙂

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