Green eyes


Mike Saltzman – Self-portrait

what caught my attention?
it had to be your eyes…

light green eyes
closin’ as you smile.

and you do it so often!
no one realizes…

you’re trying to hide the pain
that burns inside your skin.

but i’m the only one
able to see you like this.

16 thoughts on “Green eyes

  1. Well done… often we don’t see the pain another carries. Sometimes we lose ourselves in our own. Seeing where others do not is empathy, and empathy matters. LIke.

  2. Haha, yes I have. Well hazel color actually. It’s actually everything said in this that felt like someone I know could have said it to me. Your amazing writing always has some kind of impact on me like this 🙂
    Well, he’s a fortunate guy for you to be writing about him!

  3. This is one of my favorites, Nanda! I love it, esp. these lines…light green eyes
    closin’ as you smile. It’s just to touching and intimate without reading about the intimacy~ xx

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