To a distant friend


Angu Walters – My friend

a tear drops
with the sound of your voice.

sweet memories flowing by
in my now troubled mind.

a long time ago
i was light
and you were there

so close
i couldn’t tell:
who was you? who was me?


you’re so far apart
i cannot reach
your precious heart.

but you did reach mine
and made me realize
why i love you.

20 thoughts on “To a distant friend

  1. Some people are right next to you, but there is a world between you (I forgot the name of that poem). Others are a world apart, but right next to you in your heart. 🙂

  2. ” Loin des yeux, pres du coeur ” (French popular saying that basically means “far from the eyes, close to the heart”)

  3. Ahhh, you’re always writing such beautiful poems for me, Thanks 😀
    Have a blessed week Nanda!
    (this seriously is a beautiful poem and you’re one of my definite favorite poetesses)

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