A child no one holds

escorrem-me as horas
por entre dedos cansados
da labuta interior.

mário, meu sá-carneiro*
encontramo-nos no além-tédio
endurecidos de tanta dor.

o desespero passa a galope…
a vida é longa,
dura e sem cor.

– – –
* Mário de Sá-Carneiro was a Portuguese poet and writer. This poem was inspired by his Além-Tédio poem.

  1. nelle said:

    So tragic how life for some would be ‘long, hard, and colourless’.

  2. Louise said:

    I did not understand a ******** of what i was just reading 😛

    • Nanda said:

      No útero, a dor é amada.
      Mais que amada, é bem vinda!

      In the womb, the pain is loved.
      More than loved, is welcomed!

      – – –
      I love it! Gonna use it later, probably.. A poem with 2 lines and 4 hands. 🙂

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