Michaela Kraemer  – Alone in the rain

i’ll never be the same,
ever again.

your weakness
showed me my strength.


i pity you
while i put myself together
alone in the rain.

8 thoughts on “Rebuilt

    • I kinda disagree with that saying, Eliza… I think some things do kill us. But we rebirth, like a phoenix… Cause you know what? Humans are so stubborn when the subject is to be happy. 😉

  1. TYG, find your voice, embrace your strength. One of my favourite books is The Red Tent, in which the protagonist finds both a voice and strength she never knew she possessed. It applies to us all…

    • I never heard about that book, Nelle… But I’ll look at it, for sure!
      It sure apply to us all… but it’s a very hard and sore process, isn’t it?

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