Picture it & write

the forest looks haunted
as we prepare ourselves
to live apart.

but don’t you worry
we’re entwined
as grass and sunlight.

you’re my sunshine
and will always have
half of my heart.

– – –
To Louise.

19 thoughts on “#275

  1. It ends on a bittersweet note. Why only half their heart? I have personal experience with distance, it isn’t fun. Great poem, exquisite. Thanks for contributing this week, Nanda!

    – Ermisenda

  2. I know… me and my memory, right? …but one of my favorite poems of yours (in Portuguese) already fit this kinda…

    I love this though, knowing how much Louise means and the way you mixed the sunshine with no need to worry.

  3. Utterly beautiful. To imagine someone will always have half of your heart – it’s such a gift. Very concise, speaking volumes. You’re amazing, how you express.

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