Guiding star advice

Vincent van Gogh - Starry night over the Rhone

Vincent van Gogh – Starry night over the Rhone

why life goes on
but her pain remains–

she’s always stuck
in this dead end–

why the questions
that have no answer–

why the bitterness
he asked–

no answer she gave
no answer at all.


time for answer
has come
he said–

as long as she obey her head
and forget to please
the ones that don’t care–

20 thoughts on “Guiding star advice

  1. Nice work, from the heart. It reminds me (in spirit) of the song The Boxer.

    First rule of Reiki, heal yourself first. Others may not care, and we can’t change that, but our own power to care, this we can embrace. Our hurts can be knives to with which we self-mutilate our spirit or they can be ladders upon which we climb to better.

    • Wooow. Wait! Simon & Garfunkel are like my second musicians in the whole world… This just made me jump in glee! That lyric is way too powerful! I love it and I appreciate your comment, as always, Nelle!

      I love what you wrote about Reiki! Gonna research more about that, thanks for the hint!

  2. “Why the bitterness” reminded me of the Joker’s, “Why so serious?” It makes me want to make up a story that’s total crap to explain why I’m so bitter and then make up another that’s just as much crap.

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