Pills I


Picture it & write

if we suppress
all we have left
with pills we shouldn’t take
what’s left?
what’s left of me?

if we suppress
all the past
and the bad paths
what’s left?
where do i get?

throw it out
be yourself
feel your pain
and then, perhaps,
you’ll hold your ground…

12 thoughts on “Pills I

  1. I love how you emphasized how even the ‘flaws’, ‘mistakes’ or ‘bad parts’ of ourselves, is an integral part of us. A great message. We have to embrace everything! Thanks for contributing this week, Nanda. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  2. Saudade de passar por aqui!

    Este poema me parece meio deprê. Pensei o seguinte: se suprirmirmos/ o que oprime/ /se suprimido/ o comprimido/ /sumimos?




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