Love, Love or Stein kind of advice


Edvard Munch – The kiss

love love
is not hurt
love love
is not pain
love love
can be leaving
when it’s the right
thing to do love
when we love
love love
we can’t hold back
we say it love
aloud and often love
cause we can’t get enough love
if you think love
i say love too much
you never had love
a love to call yours
don’t be selfish love
love pettiness
never pays off love
give your love away

– – –
To K.

7 thoughts on “Love, Love or Stein kind of advice

  1. This reminds me of something and I can’t quite grasp it… I love how you incorporate commentary on the item in progress.

    What follows isn’t what I’m reaching for, but it’ll do!

    • Nelle, I have never heard this song before, thank you for sending me! I really like it and I see how it relates to the poem: it’s some kind of assurance to dive deep. I think we all need it some time or another. Happy new year, my friend! xxx

  2. I haven’t heard the above song before either! Enjoyed it.

    I love your flow of words, Nanda, love the way you write.

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