A shelf away


Vincent van Gogh – Still life – French novels and rose

happiness depends upon
the shelf in which
my books lie–

it contain multitudes
those beautiful little books–


little shelf in my room
with stories i wouldn’t dare
leave behind–

in the most special one
Heathcliff hides in the wuthering heights
of my mellow mind–

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New Year’s meditation


Mandy Tsung – unnamed

the i love you magic
working its way through me

not because i heard it
but because i said it

the i love you magic
when i’m all alone
embracing myself
as i want me to be

not because i heard it
but because i live it

the i love you magic
when i love the evil
the weird & rejected

not because i heard it
but because i want it

then i’m one
then i’m them all
then i’m lone
finally whole

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Will Barnet – Between life and life

When the bells ring
Here in my ear
Earth stop for me to see
Now I have all I need–

The bell’s ringing–
Hear, hear it!
Eden is at my finger tips–

Beauty is all around–
Eden is within me–
Love is all we need–
Life is short
Stunning and free–

Rainy day made me think–
Identity is what I crave–
Nature is my mother
Gazing upon me–

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