Real life


Peter Paul Rubens – Daniel in the lion’s den

when you see a loved one
slipping herself into madness
with the consent
from her loved ones–

when you see her losing it
and can’t hold her into place
or yourself in somewhere else
than sadness–

when the string is so thin
it vanishes in the air–
when the only light
comes from our hearts–

when life makes no sense
just love can hold
us tight–

and the only pray i say
goes like this:
you can loose your mind
but never your truth

i’ll be here holding you
if you go and if you stay
our hearts are together
wherever you may be–

– – –
To R.

New Year’s meditation


Mandy Tsung – unnamed

the i love you magic
working its way through me

not because i heard it
but because i said it

the i love you magic
when i’m all alone
embracing myself
as i want me to be

not because i heard it
but because i live it

the i love you magic
when i love the evil
the weird & rejected

not because i heard it
but because i want it

then i’m one
then i’m them all
then i’m lone
finally whole

– – –
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Gustave Courbet – The oak of Flagey

what’s an acorn
but a possible oak–

we too are acorns
waiting, struggling
becoming the tree–

not there yet
but we’ll be–


new year is here
forget the acorn
be the tree–

why stay the same
if we can be
so much more–

– – –
Inspired by the lecture of Ven. Robina Courtin. Happy New Year to my dear readers & friends.