Madiba’s day or The long walk we have to liberation


Nelson Mandela in his Robben Island cell

Although my skin is white
Madiba is my father–
He’s my relative
cause we share dreams–

He’s my grandfather
– black and poor –
when he uses social clothes that doesn’t fit*
to go to his first school–

Although my skin is white
in Africa are my roots
and African my features are
beyond my white skin–


Crystalline my tears came
like Madiba’s heart
like his life
like his soul–

I wish we didn’t need
people like you
I wish we were the same
beyond colors and faiths
I wish we didn’t have
treated you (and many others) this way…

You go now, Madiba
with the peace you said so…
You go now, Madiba
but your smile and ideals remain
You go now, Madiba
but your sons and daughters will stay…

And in your memory
we’ll build an equal world
with those who give away–

– – –
* When Mandela describes the first time he goes to school with his father’s clothes that were way too big for him at the time in his autobiographical book, he touched me in a away I was never touched before. He also have a huge resemblance with my real grandfather – not only physical but this amazing sense of right and wrong that seems to be disappearing in newer generations.



Lina Scarfi – Miscarriage of Justice

the word
that word
the word
i thought
i forgot

you brought it back
Ruth, you evil witch

(not really, no,
i get your reasons
please, get mine)

the word came
and brought the pain
i thought i forgot

i’m gonna repeat
until i don’t feel,
until i forget:

curette, curette, curette
curette, curette,
let me

To James, the selfish


M Sebert – Alone

you said you wouldn’t
but you let me choke

you said you couldn’t
but you went away

you said we shouldn’t
be friends again


a time to heal
you asked for

who’s gonna heal me
bleeding alone in the lawn